Cradle Mountain and Lakes District
Cradle Mountain and Lakes District

Welcome to the Cradle Mountain & Lakes District.

The Heart and Soul of Tasmania

One of Australia's Best Kept Secrets

Maze Gardens

500 Staverton Road, Promised Land

Get lost in the amazing mazes of Tasmazia, a wonderland created by the owners Brian and Laura Indar. When you have regained your bearings come into the famous Pancake Parlour and sample one of the most satisfying pancakes you are ever likely to enjoy. Also available at Tasmazia are a wide array of Lavender products produced from the Lavender grown on site.

Website: Tazmazia

Sheffield - Town of Murals
The Town Murals

Sheffield, North Western Tasmania

Sheffield is fast becoming known world wide as the "Town of Murals" and is admired daily by people visiting from near and far.

In 1986 a public meeting was held to discuss the economic decline that was happening in the town. The result of this meeting lead to the formation of the Kentish Association for Tourism, inc.

It was decided to follow in the footsteps of Chemainus, Canada and paint murals on the town walls depiciting the history of the area. Now there are over 40 murals in the community with more in the pipeline to be painted.

Website: Sheffield Town of Murals

Mole Creek Caves

Mole Creek North Western Tasmania

Marakoopa and King Solomons caves are located close to the small rural town of Mole Creek and are within easy reach of Lauceston, Devonport and Cradle Mountain. Both caves are spectacular and differ greatly in their features. Why not take the time to explore the two of them?

Marakoopa Cave features two underground streams, a large display of glow worms, large caverns, rim pools, reflections and shawl and flowstone formations. Tours take approximately 45 minutes (depending on group size) and there are 246 steps each way in the cave.

King Solomons Cave is smaller than Marakoopa. However, it is lavishly decorated with shawls, stalactites and stalagmites. This cave is richly-coloured and features calcite crystals known as 'King Solomons Diamonds'. Tours take approximately 45 minutes and there is only a small number of steps. This cave is recommended for those preferring a gentle walk.

For bookings call the Parks and Wildlife Service Mole Creek Base
Ph.(03) 63 63 5182, Fax.(03) 6363 5122.

Tasmanian Tour Company
Tour Company

Sheffield, North West Coast Tasmania

Tasmanian Tour Company is a small family owned business situated in the Northwest region of Tasmania, just 20 minutes from Devonport. We treat people as individuals and we understand that everyone has different needs and desires, and we will tailor your journey to suit you.

Website: Tasmanian Tour Company

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